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the development of the wechat

the wechathas be the most widely used communication tools and changed the traditional means of communication, creating more value to our lives, making our lives more convenient and simple.

the wechat is the most widely used communications tool in the current society, its powerful features, make it a very wide range of applications. for one thing, the wechat has changed the traditional means of communicationbetween friends and relatives. furthermore, we can make online shopping through the wechatand dont need the computer can easily complete, it has a good shopping experience. but any thing has both sides, the wechatis no exception. some criminalsuse the wechatto spread negative information, brought great distress to peoples lives. moreover,other criminals from using thewechatfor online fraud.

in short, thewechat is a double-edged sword, we should make full use of the wechatbrings us great benefits, while we shoudimprove prevention, so as to allow the app to play its real value.






in recent years,wechat is becoming increasingly popular.many people express themselves,exchange ideas and deliver information by wechat.

there are a number of reasons for wechat to be known.to begin with,wechat is a relative cheap way of communication,which cuts down a great deal of the cost of making a phone call.next,wechat is to the taste of the majority of people.its attractive interface and various functions are loved wildly.furthermore,convenience also accounts for its popularity.it is available everywhere and at any time.

however,problems exist meanwhile.firstly,our identity can be revealed when we use wechat.as a result,we can be in trouble.moreover,it may make communicating with others face to face less.to make the matter worse,relationship could break down.last but not the least,our attention might be drawn too much to focus on study.that’s all.there is no doubt that wechat will improve as time goes by.


近年来,作为一种新兴的交流方式,微信 (wechat) 正变得越来越受欢迎。请根据下列表格提示,写一篇英语短文谈谈微信的利弊以及你的观点,并适当扩展。

利使用便捷; 获取资讯;便于交流;......



注意:1. 词数:120左右, 开头已给出,不计入词数;2. 书写工整、卷面整洁

nowadays, wechat is becoming more and more popular in the world.



nowadays, wechat is becoming more and more popular in the world. different people, however, hold different opinions on this matter. opinions are divided into two groups.

according to some people, therearelotsof reasonsfor thepopularityofwechat.first of all, itiseasytouse.youcanloginto itwithyourphonenumber and start a conversation by tapping the speak button. in addition, wechat is a wonderful platform for people to share an ample amount of information. it even supports sending photos and videos. meanwhile, using wechat, you can also do group chats, or find new friends nearby to talk to, which helps make many friends and express your feelings and opinions more freely.

on the other hand, some people argue that although wechat benefits us a lot, it has some drawbacks. when using wechat, people tend to forget time and some may even get addicted to it, which will definitely affect their study and work. at the same time, spending too much time on the screen does affect eye health, which may cause trouble. worse still, people may reveal their personal information while using it, which may lead to crimes.

as far as i’m concerned, everyone is supposed to exploit wechat within limits. as a student, i acknowledge that wechat is not only beneficial but also dangerous. therefore, i insist that we shouldn’t spend too much time on it. we should balance life’s competing interests--- in a student’s case, study, health and safety. and it’s of vital importance for us to protect ourselves when we use it.


popularity of wechat

wechat is becoming more and more popular among us.no matter where we are,on the light rail,in a coffee shop, even walking on the street ,we always find that people using wechat around us.this phenomenon exists for a number of reasons as below.

firstly,using wechat is very cheap for us.we can make a phone call by wechat for only 200kb per minute.secondly,wechat has various functions which attracting us very much.such as wechat pay,online games,sending lucky money to our friend.furthermore,with the rapid development of smart mobile phone,instant messaging app is becoming a absolutely necessary part of our life.

however,there is no doubt that wechat has its drawbacks as well as merits.for us students,wechat may divert attention from study.for all users,wechat may lead us to focus too much on others’ life.to solve this problem,we should control the time using mobile phone apps.



wechat is a new app that almost all the people use on their phone. you can video chat when every you want and its for free. also you can talk through that app. its very convience. you can sreach for people who live around you who are using the same app. but at the same time, people are addict to it. they can not live without it. and people are having less and less conversation face to face. even worse, some people got tricked in this app, and lost lots of money. so this app can be good or bad, depend which way you using it.







一个星期过去了,我写完作业来到院子里玩,看见爷爷坐在屋门口,戴着老花镜,手指在手机屏幕上划来划去。我一看,赶紧抓住机会,说:“爷爷,您哪儿不会?我教您吧!”爷爷笑了:“行啊!你赶紧教教我咋发微信,你小姑天天说让我用微信和她聊天,你看看用这个手机咋能微信给你小姑。” “这还不简单!”我先给爷爷注册了一个,又设置了一个微信昵称——老农民(这可是爷爷自己起的);接下来教他怎样添加好友、发送文字信息、语音留言,怎样发送照片、视频,如何把照片分享到朋友圈,怎样点赞、给别人评论;最后,我特别教他怎样使用视频通话。我教得认真,爷爷学得来劲儿,还不断地重复练习,哪儿不会,赶紧问我。玩了一会儿,爷爷高兴地说:“这微信就是方便!”